What they're saying...

quotemark.gif Shawn Minix is an honest communicator. Every time Shawn speaks there is no doubt that God's word is more important than Shawn's opinion. I can't find two finer qualities in a minister.

-Scott Grissom
Director of Campus Revolution
quotemark.gif Shawn has a thirst to know God intimately and a contagious enthusiasm that leads others to do the same. The way he lives out his faith is courageous and inspiring. I consider Shawn a mentor and a friend.

-Judd Wright
Worship Leader
quotemark.gif Shawn Minix is passionate for God, His glory, His Kingdom, and His Name. He is passionate to see people changed by His Spirit, love, and power. That passion is evident off-stage. Enough said.

-Matt Papa



Welcome to Watershed Ministries, the teaching ministry of Shawn Minix. What does watershed mean? Watershed is an experience. It’s an epiphany. It’s an event where everything in our life comes together to make sense. Moses had a watershed moment when he saw the burning bush. Paul had a watershed moment on the road to Damascus. My passion is for people to have watershed moments with God. Moments where God moves in their lives causing their life to make greater sense as they shift their life focus from self-glory to God’s glory.

Through preaching God’s word, I long to paint the biggest picture possible of our endless and intimate God and to call others to passionately pursue Him.

His power is without end. His love is without end. He steps outside of time, holding reality in the palm of His hand yet He is closer to us than any human could ever be. He is God!

-Shawn Minix