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Bringing God’s message to the masses is Shawn’s passion. He’s spoken at tons of events and has touched the lives of hundreds. But don’t just take his word for it, check out the testimonials below to see what others have to say about Shawn.

If you’d like to book Shawn for a youth camp, conference, discipleship weekend, youth worker training, school assembly, an adult church event, or just want to say “hey” you can send him a message using the form on the right!


“I’ve known Shawn for many years now and have worked side by side with him in student ministry. His tremendous passion, linked to a strong desire to know and share the Word of God with students, places him among few others who can communicate effectively with today’s youth. Shawn lives and speaks integrity and will challenge your students to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. If you are looking for a safe alternative, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a speaker who is edgy, holy and able to deliver the timeless message of Christ, Shawn’s your man”.

Curt Williams
Executive Director
Youth-Reach, Inc.

“Shawn is an awesome communicator! He was very relevant and genuine with my students. Shawn’s heart and focus is centered on the things of God. One of the things that impressed me the most was how Shawn hung out with my students and got to know their names and details in their life. There are not many speakers that hang out with students anymore and Shawn went above and beyond with my students and leaders. He had ALL my students and leader’s names memorized by the first couple days of camp. The majority of my students told me that Shawn was their favorite camp speaker we have ever had (we’ve had some nationally known youth camp speakers). In my 12 years of student ministry Shawn ranks at the top of my list and I highly recommend using Shawn for any speaking engagement!”

Joseph Jones
Student Minister
FBC Morristown, TN

“Shawn Minix is an honest communicator. Every time Shawn speaks there is no doubt that God’s word is more important than Shawn’s opinion. I can’t find two finer qualities in a minister.”

Scott Grissom
Director of Campus Revolution

“It has been my great pleasure to see God at work in the life and ministry of Shawn Minix since his teen years. Shawn has a hunger for God that is contagious and has been blessed with the ability to articulate it. God has used Shawn to birth and build several vibrant local church student ministries and now He is using Shawn on a greater level to expand the Kingdom. I can think of few others I would recommend to you as highly as I do Shawn.”

John Eckeberger
Men of the Cloth

“Shawn has a thirst to know God intimately and a contagious enthusiasm that leads others to do the same. The way he lives out his faith is courageous and inspiring. I consider Shawn a mentor and a friend.”

Judd Wright
Worship Leader

“Shawn Minix is passionate for God, His glory, His Kingdom, and His Name. He is passionate to see people changed by His Spirit, love, and power. That passion is evident off-stage. Enough said.”

Matt Papa

“Shawn is a dynamic and personal speaker. His leading of our youth ministry was challenging yet encouraging at the same time. I know that my friends and I felt free and welcome to come to Shawn with anything. One thing that I specifically found inspiring was Shawn’s initiative in prayer. If something needed to be prayed over, Shawn would immediately pray with you, whether it be in person or on the phone. This told me that his heart was real and the words he spoke from the stage were honest and God-inspired.”

Former student in Shawn’s ministry

“When Shawn Minix speaks, he doesn’t really speak. The Holy Spirit speaks through him. Every time he speaks,his heart becomes very transparent. As a youth pastor, he does not pretend to care. He isn’t in this business to because it’s an “easy job.” Shawn’s heart is in ministry because God called him there.”

Former student in Shawn’s ministry

“Shawn Minix is committed to helping others discover the greatness of God. Shawn taught and modeled for my youth peers and I what it means to worship God! Under Shawn’s discipleship and teaching, I personally discovered my passion for worshipping God and I am now following that calling in full-time ministry to help others experience God in a huge way. I praise God for Shawn’s commitment to be a willing and obedient warrior for God’s Kingdom!”

Roger Cullins
Associate Worship Minister
Houston’s First Baptist Church
Former student in Shawn’s ministry